50 meters – 5 Color Set Metallic Linhasita 1mm Waxed Polyester Cord Macrame Knotting String Leather Sewing Beading Friendship Bracelet Thread

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The Linhasita Brand is well known in the craft world for its quality and vibrant colors which will not fade over time.
Made of high-quality 100% polyester which is medium waxed and is very durable.
The cord is 2-Ply – 2 threads twisted together to form the cord (tiny metallic strings are added to each thread to form that metallic look)

LENGTH: 5 colors x 10meters of each color = 50 meters (164 feet)


5 COLOR SET: Gold (#OURO), Silver (#PRATA), Gold/Silver Mix (#M19), Copper (#COBRE), Black (#PRETO)

MATERIAL: waxed polyester with added metallic strings

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