3-Ply 1mm Waxed Polyester Cord, 1mm Waxed Thread, Twisted Beading Thread, Macrame String, Leather Sewing Thread, 10yards – Pick A Color

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This listing is for 10 yards of strong and well-made 3- Ply 1mm Waxed Twisted Polyester Cord.
3-Ply cord - 3 threads twisted together to form the cord (please see the second photo)
This cord is the perfect solution for all your creative projects which need lacing, stringing, etc. Made of high-quality nylon and is very durable.

COLOR: choose your colors from the drop-down menu when you add items to the cart (28 colors available)

MATERIAL: waxed polyester

QUANTITY: 10 yards (30 feet) on card

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